League of Nations and United Nations.

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The League of Nations failed because of few reasons. As quoted from Planet Papers (http://www.planetpapers.com/Assets/3140.php), its main reasons for the failure are:

*Absence of important countries especially USA

*Inaction of the League (eg. Abyssinian Crisis) because of the self-interest of its members.

The League of Nations inaction is being repeated by the United Nations (UN). This can be seen from the recent Iraqi War. The United States had bypassed the UN and went on to invade Iraq with the reason that 'Iraq possesses weapons of mass destruction which threatens the security of the world' without any solid evidence. The United Nations Organization was created with the objective of ending all armed international conflicts by negotiations and peaceful conflict resolution. However it did nothing, even though there were oppositions from France, Germany and Russia. If the United Nations authorizes an unprovoked war on Iraq, it will have defeated the purpose for which it was created.

If the United Nations Organization is truly interested in peace, it would force Israel, US's closest ally, to end its occupation of the land and people it conquered and which the UN has told it to vacate on several occasions, to no avail. If any country is in defiance of UN Security Council resolutions, and should be forced to comply with them and with the UN Charter, it is the state of Israel. Why are we and the United Nations impotent in the face of Israel's defiance?

The absence of USA in the League of Nations (cartoon at the end of this chapter) had led to the failure of it as its sanctions would not be effective. However, it seems that right now, with the presence of USA in UN, the situation is no better than it was approximately 70 years ago. The United States had...