League Of Their Own

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A League of Its Own A League of Their Own is a rich blend of comedy and drama all in one. In 1943 when the ranks of professional male baseball players were leaving for the war, a group of ladies left their homes to become part of the All-American Girls Baseball League and kept baseball alive for a grateful nation. The movie itself is a flashback based upon the memories of the main character Dottie Henson, played by Geena Davis. It starts off with an older Dottie, attending an all women's senior citizen baseball game before they attend the opening of the Women's Baseball Hall of Fame. As the women play ball, Dottie watches them, fondly remembering a time of her youth when she played baseball for a local team and was spotted by a scout for the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. This is the beginning of the film and her story.

The talented actor, Geena Davis plays Dottie Henson, the main character and a member of the Rockford Peaches, which is the main team that the movie focuses on. Dottie is the team's most gifted player, and the camaraderie and jealousy with her sister Kit is what keeps the movie alive. Davis specializes in playing lightly off-kilter or unusual characters in light dramas, romances and comedies, but she has done everything from sci-fi to horror to action-adventure. Due to the fact that she has been in other films she has established a persona to herself and to the characters she plays: strong willed, loyal, and energetic. With this persona behind her, she is able to give more depth to her character and her role as Dottie Henson. Dottie the Queen of Diamonds is not only a talented baseball player but she is also a caring sister. As...