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Introduction to the lean

The aim of lean manufacturing is to achieve substantial competitive advantages on the market. It is an interest for all companies through around the world to become competitive. Companies at all sizes applied lean principles and do improvement in quality, productivity, customer service and profitability. Bhasin (2004) point out that lean production should be view as a philosophy not as a process. It is an overall mapping of process from the raw material to the final customer. The word "lean" is chosen to explain the strategy which enables to produce more for less. Quarteman (2007) said, there was a misconception that lean only works in big companies with repetitive and high volume activities but lean was successful in many kind of industries.

Lean production examines the process as a whole. There is a need to achieve a smooth production flow and to eliminate waste.

Implementation of lean

To implement the lean principles in practice, company should follow several steps:

Evaluate current state

First of all the company has to examine all areas of process where it will be appropriate to implement lean techniques. Process mapping help us to draw it. Process mapping helps to

Spotlight to waste

Streamline the work processes

Define and standardise

Promote deep understanding

Build consensus


Waste means all activity that does not add any value in the process. The other term for waste is MUDA. Where the waste is found lean philosopthy should be applied. According to Slack (2013), the elimination of waste is a core lean idea. Toyota have identified 7 different types of waste in operations, both in service and...