Leaning Leadership and building a business.

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Learning the Tools of Leadership

Statement of Case Study

The decision to purchase a business of my own was not an easy task. There were many

things to consider before the final decision was made. First of all, exactly what did I

want to accomplish: to make millions of dollars, or it to have the freedom of being

my own boss? By opening a business, I could make a huge profit, depending

on the market. I also had to consider being ready to devote an exorbitant amount of time

and energy to this business. The commitment had to be there and I wanted to run a

successful business. Also knowing what motivates myself was another process in making

this decision. By understanding my needs I can use this to reach out and understand

individual needs. I knew is would be motivated opening my own business. Also, I knew

there were risks and losses that may occur as well but this was the chance I had to take, to

invest my money in something I could call my own.

I had great ideas for my business and

wanted to input my philosophies into my business. I knew going back to school for my

masters degree and running my own business would be tough but this was just another

challenge I would have to overcome. Right now the job market is tough and there are no

jobs out there, which I found, that suit my needs.

The problem I now face is constructing a market plan that will bring in the

customers and accept my business with open arms. My business will provide excellent

quality and quantity of the products and services. I will be providing my consumers with

the convenience of renting and buying DVD movies and games in their neighborhood.