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Assignment #1 Week 1 Chapter 1 1. Compare Glenn Sparks and Marty Medhurst’s approaches to the Diet Coke commercial. Which analysis makes the most sense to you? Why? Sparks scientific view is concerned with an in-depth analysis of the commercial, requiring objective tests to measure the validity of such advertising. His concern is why such unusual advertising is an attention grabber.

I agree with Medhurt’s Interpretive Perspective it makes the most sense to me. I agree with his allegory and the significance the elephant represents in the story. Though both Sparks and Medhurst share this view. I feel because advertising is geared towards the immediate instinctive reactions. The elephant does not want to be “big” or unacceptable and would do anything to change his condition. The symbolic meaning of the elephant’s willingness to give up his favor food, peanuts, in exchange for a diet coke, delivers a strong message that you too would be willing to depart with your favorite food for a diet coke.

The end result would be your acceptance by others 2. How do scientists and interpretive scholars differ in their answers to the question, “What is truth?” Which perspective do you find more satisfying? Scientist assumes that truth is singular. They believe reality is accessed through our senses, sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. Through research scientist pool their findings and collectively agree on how the world works.

Interpretive scholars believe truth is subject to interpretation. They feel that successful interpretations of the truth are those that convince others. Under this view, multiple meanings are acceptable. I find this view more satisfying because once you have convinced someone to believe what you present as the truth, they believe it. An example would be convincing a jury of your innocence, once you present them with convincing facts...