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Because my father spent most of his time abroad, my mom took me to school with her. I started grade one while I was only three years of age. I did not stay in class, and as a result, I repeated grade one. During my Primary and High School years, I have always been doing work that was for an older age group. Nether the less I managed to maintain an average grade right through primary school and high school. I am still not sure whether that was a good thing or a bad thing. I think I would have done much better through out school if I had started at the right age. While at the same time, starting school so early could have increased my mental ability.

During primary school and high school I did not have any study habits. Sometimes I would look back over my notes and text book when I was about to get a test.

I did not put much effort in this. When I think about my high school days, I am still surprise that I had an average grade considering the little effort I had put in.

I did four CXC subject at Bethlehem in 2003. I did four subjects that were new to me in one year. When ever I did a test, I recalled that most of the time I felt as if I did not finish study. I also recalled that I started studying one or two days before the test. My results from the test however would be fairly good. As a result of receiving good grades, I did not change my study habits and I got more and more comfortable with it. When I was preparing for CXC exams, I tried to study weeks before the exam.