How to learn Chinese well

Essay by wisely May 2004

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There are more than hundred of languages on the earth; people usually like to learn another language beside their own native ones. People learn English because it is a world wide language and others learn my language--Chinese, I believe, because it is a funny and easy-to learn language. You can learn Chinese well if you do the steps presented in the following paper.

First of all, you have to just speak Chinese with any Chinese person because grammar in Chinese is easier than English. For example, you don't have to change nouns into the plural if they are plural. Furthermore, you don't have to change verbs into the singular if subject is singular, for example, in English you have to say "She goes to school" but in Chinese you just have to say "She go to school"; and even you don't have to change tense of verb when talking about things which happened yesterday or will happen in the future, for example, in English you say "She went to school yesterday" but in Chinese you still just say "She go to school yesterday".

So you just say what you want to say, then a Chinese can guess what you want to express and what your request is.

Second, you have to listen to Chinese on television or radio frequently; for example, listen to the daily news and gossip reports. Because there are many new idioms and slang generated in my language everyday, television and radio will tell you what happened today and will help you to get used Chinese culture. If you can comprehend what young people, especially teenagers, are talking about, you are good in listening and understanding; moreover, if you can use these new idioms and slang in your daily life you are on a higher level in...