What is learned through a persons dream

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Dreams....some are good, some are bad; some are likable, some are not; others

are scary, while others are happy; some stand out, yet others are forgotten by morning.

Only one thing is for sure when it comes to dreams, although they are very unpredictable,

they are often on our minds for a reason. Many things can be learned about a person

through his dreams, like for instance what he wants or desires. For example, if a person

is constantly dreaming of becoming popular, famous or even a hero, perhaps he feels like

a "nobody" in life. He longs to be admired, loved and appreciated by others but has

never felt that at all in his sad situation.

Similarly, a person's thoughts and deepest feelings can be obtained very easily

through dreams. For example, if the person dreams of dieing in some way or another

every night, he may be in a deep depression, feeling like there is no reason to

live. Could he be wondering about and in fact be trying to experience through his

dreams, whether death would be the easy way out of all his problems and depression?

Finally, a dream may be prophetic in some way. Some religions believe that

dreams are given to people from God; an actual word from God, to help them deal with a

major dilemma. In Bible times dreams were interpreted to give answers and direction to

some of the great kings. In some churches today, dreams are still used by those of great

faith in God. Their dreams are not negative, but are helpful to others. These people are

very kind, considerate, and religious people of God. As you can see, dreams can reveal

so much about a person, and without them one...