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Learning in My Classroom

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Learning in My Classroom


This paper will discuss and evaluate classroom learning strategies and methodologies. The paper would elaborate experiences and modalities of various educationists and academicians in a pedagogical set up. It would also transpire how these renowned educational philosophers and legends acquire the best results from their empirical studies reflected in their practical approach. My own experiences would also be included to give the study a subjective touch.

Disruptive behaviour during class was addressed through implicit teacher acts such as pausing class instruction and making eye contact or moving in closer proximity to the disruptive student. These preliminary classroom management strategies curtailed the inappropriate behaviour and formal school behaviour management policies were not needed. The observed classrooms clearly achieved both the teacher's and learners' objectives, for information to be interesting and therefore engaged with by students.

The question to be investigated within this research report is how was such a successful classroom established? Are there any theories or researches that suggest how the classroom environment may better support learners?

The goal of a classroom management plan is to develop students' respect for each other and create a controlled learning environment. Time management and organization of the classroom are major themes in establishing a well behaved classroom. Monitoring is a preventive tool used to quickly deal with problem before they escalate. When a problem arises, working with the student to correct a situation maintains respect and a positive classroom atmosphere. Classroom management is an aid to provide an open, respectful, and equal learning experience for every student.

Rationale of the study

Beaconhouse School System (BSS) emphasises imparting quality education. In Pakistani set...