Learning Experience Paper: Getting One Foot in the Door

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Week Two Learning Experience Paper

Getting One Foot in the Door

Tanya Jones

University of Phoenix

Introduction to Psychology


Rick Felton

August 25, 2008



Getting One Foot in the Door

Anyone that has little work history and does not have a college degree will discover that it is unlikely they will get a call for an interview; for any position. Many people have the ability to learn new skills quickly, but employers do not give these individuals the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities. The reason employers do not hire people without work experience and/or a degree is because it cost money to hire and train people that later may not work out. Therefore, employers seek out people that are already qualified for openings. The following paragraphs will illustrate the challenges one individual endured while searching for stable employment, in addition, how this person got the chance to prove her abilities, and the things she has learned as an employee at a Wal-Mart Super Center.

Searching for Employment

At the age of 37, years old Tanya knew that developing an effective resume without a current work history was next to impossible. While constructing her resume she listed jobs and experience, some were from more than ten years ago. She did this without revealing dates, so she could disclose during an interview Tanya never discriminated against any type of position with an opening because she knew she would eventually get an interview with someone who would allow her to display her capabilities. She received numerous

job offers and sat through several one-two hour orientations only to find out money was required to get started and/or the pay was based on commission. Tanya tried...