Learning To Live Is Learning To Die

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Can't find it here? Try MegaEssays.com tuesday with morrie By: Anonymous Tuesdays With Morrie The setting is late of 1979. A young boy visits with an elderly man every Tuesday to be enlightened on the meaning of life. His name is Mitchell, but friends call him ?Mitch.? The greatest lesson of life is life.

Professor Morrie Schwartz is a special teacher, not only is he an instructor, but a mentor and a friend. He is a small elderly man with thin gray hair who dresses casual in old gray sweatshirts. Morrie was a dancer and also a prominent doctor of sociology. He was forced to give up his dancing career due to asthma in his 60?s. His health was slipping. After many tests, he was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as (ALS,) in 1994, which is Lou Gehrig?s disease. It is an illness of the neurological system. In his 70?s, he became a professor at Brandeis University to teach about his slow process to death.

ALS melts your nerves and leaves your body a pile of wax- like a candle. Mitch was a memorable student to Morrie. He was one of Morrie?s close students. He was a friend. Mitch?s dream was to become a musician. He was a great pianist. During this point of his life, his favorite uncle dies. It changed his life. He realized how precious time really was. That incident in his life also changes his career. He became a sports writer and received his master?s degree in journalism. He later met and married dark haired woman named Janine. ?A professor?s final course: his own death? was the talk of the press. ABC-TV news reporter, Ted Koppel, was in contact with Mr. Schwartz. Morrie was receiving a lot of attention, but did he really have...