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Learning Personalities TheoriesThe purpose of learning theories is for the theorist to share their knowledge and studies so that society can have a better understanding with the people around them. Learning theories include Burrhus Frederic Skinner's behavior analysis, Albert Bandura's social cognitive theory, Rotter and Mischel cognitive social learning theory, and George Kelly's psychology of personal constructs. Although all this theorists have learning in common, in addition we will explain each learning theory and their differences.

Skinners behavior analysis focuses on the influence of others, positive, negative reinforcement and punishment. "As an environmentalist, Skinner held that psychology must not explain behavior on the basis of the physiological or constitutional components of the organism but rather on the basis of environmental stimuli. He recognized that genetic factors are important, but he insisted that, because they are fixed at conception, they are of no help in the most useful data for predicting and controlling behavior" (Feist & Feist, 2006, p.434).

Albert Bandera's theory of social cognitive focuses on learning by observation, reinforcement and modeling. Bandura and Skinner had in common that people learn through experience, and learn by observing others.

Mischel and Rottor cognitive social learning theory is similar to Bandura's in terms of people's variables including perception on how we perceive environment. In addition to the expectations of the self, subject values, goals, self-regulations and plans for the future (Encyclopedia of psychology, 2001). George Kelly psychology of personal constructs is base on how the individual creates the way on how he or she sees the world. Therefore the person has freedom of choose on what he or she wants out of life, which Kelly called it alternative constructivism. Finally the person has a choose of applying alternatives.

Furthermore on what learning theories have in common are cognition and the development...