Learning Style inventory and MBTI and the usefulness of them in a business. It is also based on my concrete experiences, active experience, reflective observations, abstract experiences.

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Learning will never be a complete and simple set of principles or theories. There are many

different ideas, theories, and principles involved with learning. Learning begins from day

one in a child and can last until one dies. The length of learning depends upon the

individual. Learning is more difficult for some than it is for others. Organization,

motivation, awareness, attitude, expectations , and knowledge of the subject that one is

trying to learn will effect how and what they learn. The Learning Style Inventory and the

Myers-Briggs Indicator Type test would be a useful test for employees to make their

employees be more effective and accurate in their productivity. In My paper I will be

discussing the difference between andragogy and pedagogy, the Learning Style Inventory

(LSI), and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

A. The Adult Learner: Andragogy and Pedagogy

The development of learning begins as a child and continues on through

adulthood. Pedagogy means the art and science of pediatric learning.

Andragogy come after pedagogy, and is the art and science of adult learning.

Pedagogy deals with ideology where andragogy deals with a system of alternative

assumptions. Pedagogy assigns full responsibility to a teacher for a childs learning

concept and method. Andragogy assigns the responsibility of ones learning behavior

to the individual. By learning the similarities and differences of the two, I can more

effectively teach my two children. There has been a valuable set of resources that

came out of reading the Adult Learner Chapter 4.

1. Concrete Experiences

Throughout my reading during this class, I was able to learn how adults learn

differently. By being in a class of 30 different individuals and hearing how

that each one of us learn differently, I have found that each person learns

differently. Some people learn better...