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Everybody has their own style. Whether it is in the way they dress, the way they write or even the way they talk, everybody has their own unique flair. But when you think about everybody's different style, you never think about the way they learn, or their learning style. However, learning styles is something that would be beneficial for everyone to learn and pay attention to in all areas of life. No matter what you may be whether it is a boss, a teacher, a student or just someone's friend, it is of use to know how to identify and adjust to everyone's different learning styles to be able to present new information in the manner that is the best for them.

There has been a system developed to help inform others about learning styles. VARK is the name of the system, which is an acronym for the four categories that they have used to break down their system, Visual, Aural, Read/Write, and Kinesthetic.

Visual learners learn best by what they see. Most people can learn by visual means. Visual learners can make "movies in their minds" of information they are reading. Their movies are often vivid and detailed. Visual-spatial skills such as sizes, shapes, textures, angles, and three-dimensional depths are strong .They often pay close attention to the body language of others (facial expressions, eyes, stance, etc.) Visuals have a keen awareness of the aesthetics, the beauty of the physical environment, visual media, or art. If you like to look at pictures, diagrams, graphs, films, timelines, or demonstrations to help you learn new information, or maybe to recall old information, then you are probably a visual. Most visuals also tend to enjoy lecturers who use gestures and a picturesque language. To help you study,