Learning styles

Essay by nolimitz13 January 2006

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After examining the three types of learning styles, I have deduced that I am a tactile/kinesthetic learner.

How does your style influence your ability to learn?

This learning style influences my ability to learn in a variety of ways. Since I have a learning style where a hands-on approach seems to be most effective, I find that the more external stimulation an activity has, the more likely it is I'm going to learn something. I enjoy using highlighter pens to emphasize certain aspects in my notes and if I don't use them my notes appear to be unorganized to me. To me, just reading something or listening to a lecture will not solely make me understand a topic at hand. It is not until I apply what I've read or heard to real life situations for me to truly understand a subject.

If lecture or text material is not suited to your learning style, how could you make it work?

If I find that I am bored in a situation where my attention is needed, I use certain methods to help me.

I tend to chew a certain specific taste of gum for each class I attend. This way when I'm studying by myself, the taste of a specific gum will trigger memories and thoughts about the class where I usually chew that taste. I also like to play music when I'm studying. I find that listening to music focus' my mind and I find it is easier to retain information. I have a really hard time studying for long periods of time, so taking small breaks after 30-60 minutes of studying seems to make my learning experience more fulfilling and rewarding.