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Assignment: Critical Thinking on the techniques that can be used in teaching English as a foreign language.

Please think on some of the techniques that you think useful and effective in teaching English as a foreign language in terms of the main and sub-skills listed below. You can also refer back to your past English learning experience- adventure.


1.Listening is as important as speaking so I make students do some activities like drama, theatre to develop their listening skills.

2. If I wanted to teach listening, I would give them assignments to develop their listening skills like understanding and writing lyrics they listen to or tail, story summaries.

3.While you are listening to sth. like music, movies or tv series, your ears gain acquaintance with English. Your brain develops itself to divide words into parts that is why I can help them develop their listening skills with these activities.

4.Another problem is that people are not good listeners so they don't use the language effectively. If I want to teach listening, first I must teach them how they can be good listeners.

5. As you listen, you will understand the usage of sentences, words like a native. I would want them to take part in foreign country projects to be better listeners and develop their listening habits.


1.To teach students how they can develop their reading skills, first I teach them to determine their reading level.After that teaching reading will be easier.

2. The best way of reading is reading stories or novels according to their understanding level. If I want to teach reading, I can help them make choises about how they learn it best. According to their interests, I would give them some tasks with which they are not bored.