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While some people can read a book and then ace a test on it the next day, others may not be able to do the same without hearing a lecture on the subject. Individuals perceive and process information in different ways; while some people are visual learners, others may retain information better through auditory or tactile means. And a large percentage are a combination of one or more of the aforementioned categories.

Those who learn best by seeing are more visual learners. Visual learners like to take notes and they tend to sit in the front of the class (Learning Styles). They usually forget names but remember faces. When putting together items, visual learners need diagrams or pictures to understand. When trying to spell a difficult word they try to "see" the word. Visual learners are most often neat and clean and are easily distracted by untidiness and noise (Rose).

They may commonly use phrases such as "I never forget a face" or "I can't quite picture it." Visual learners also have a good spatial sense. They are good with maps and rarely get lost. They may love drawing, scribbling or doodling and usually with color. They tend to be good dressers with a strong sense of color coordination (advanogy.com). Flash cards and acronyms are powerful memorization tools for the visual learner (Three Different Styles).

Auditory learners are ones who retain and absorb new information best by hearing it. They tend to read aloud and prefer listening to a lecture rather than reading a text. They tend to prefer the telephone over face-to-face conversation and utilize technical help-lines when in need of assistance. They are easily distracted by noises or sounds. When bored, they may hum or talk to themselves (Rose). Auditory learners may not be...