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The name of our consulting firm is "A Helping Hand." This is a consulting firm that deals with non-profit organizations in the Health and Human Services field. We will begin by introducing you to our company with our mission statement, describe what consulting firms in the non-profit sector do and how they do it, and give a run down of issues our firm will address along with a description of services offered. After looking over our team matrix, we decided this was our best route to go that matched our skills and comfort levels of each one of our areas of expertise.

Our mission is to assist organizations by expanding their access to, and utilization of resources that enhance cash flow and ensure quality that promotes long-term viability. A Helping Hand has witnessed impact of the cash flow crisis that threatens the existence of many non-profit and for-profit agencies within the community.

We focus on improving financial systems and management analysis to improve cash flow and accurate management reporting.

Cash flow can be significantly enhanced by improving business office operations, revenue management, and accounts receivable control or in-kind donation control. We partner with diverse behavioral health and human service organizations to enhance their ability to succeed. Our involvement takes many forms, but common to all is a tradition of innovating solutions and exceeding objectives. Sometimes it is difficult to know where to start, what to ask for, or what might help the most. Each client, challenge, and opportunity is unique and so are the ways we make a difference.

Through a collaborative needs analysis and planning approach we help change service delivery systems that underscore a strength-based approach and include the following activities:

1. Monitoring each youth's progress using measurable objectives

2. Engineering a specific, individualized community resource that can...