Learning Team Implementation and Evaluation Plan.

Essay by CR8ZCRO January 2006

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Our Learning Team Problem Analysis Paper was written on the Aviation Maintenance Department and the significant reduction in turn-around time for the customers to receive their end product. The department had failed to return repaired gear to the customer within the promised deadlines. These deadlines were not met partly due to the initial design of the work center, clutter, and personnel failing to keep excess parts inventoried and properly stored. There was also a failure to communicate with the supply department and because of this lack of communication, we lost valuable time receiving parts essential for repair. Failure to receive the parts necessary to repair the gear in a timely manner had significantly delayed the ready-for-issue time back to the squadrons onboard Nas Oceana.

Properly framing the problem involves identifying the root cause and determining actions that are needed to eliminate these problems. The situation facing the Aviation Maintenance Department is slow delivery of repair orders and poor customer satisfaction.

We must determine the cause of the problem before we can begin developing solutions. To help frame and identify process problems we used a combination of groupthink, flowcharts, and visual mapping.

To gain an unbiased opinion of how the maintenance department completed their work, an Air Speed Team was assigned to track the workflow. The Air Speed Team Members assisted with groupthink in order to start framing the various known problems within the department. The use of flowcharts proved extremely helpful in identifying the workflow process from the time gear entered into the work center and through all the steps taken to process the faulty gear, work on the gear, complete an inspection of the repair, and return the gear to the customer. Visual mapping as well as the block diagram drawing, assisted in allowing us to see the wasted...