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Learning Team Project Paper



Learning Team Project Paper


In preparing this assignment, Team D thought that the assignment should be on an important topic. The important topic Team D chose to report on is drunk driving. Drunk driving, in our opinion, is a very important issue that should be discussed due to the importance of how alcohol consumption is taken for granted and abused. The two comparisons we chose to report on are drinking and speeding. As Team D presentation topic is reviewed, you will find several interesting pieces of information gathered. The first matter of business included in the paper is the problem background. In the problem background, there is a discussion of why Team D considered the problem important along with some historical in which the problem is related. Next is the problem statement. The problem statement will speak directly about what the problem is.

Next is the literature review. This section will be a written review of the articles researched by our learning team. The next thing is the variable definitions. These definitions include the time, level of measurement as well as the units of measurement; a description of the variables used for the analysis. The data collection source will come next. This source is used to display the methods used to collect the data. Next is the statistical analysis. This will show the hypothesis tested, discuss the methodology, and show results and interpretations of the results. Finally, the result discussion will sum up the total results of this project.

Problem Background

For over 20 years drinking and driving has been a serious problem. About three in every ten Americans will be involved in an alcohol related crash at sometime in their lives. The average age...