Learning Team A Skills Assessment and Matrix Consultant Scenario – Week 5, Team A Assignment

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Learning Team Skills Assessment and Matrix

Team A

Douglas Helgren, Pamela Rhea, Ramon D. Williams,

Muna Ahmad, and Jose Dorsey

University of Phoenix

GEN480 - Interdisciplinary Capstone Course

Dr. Erik Bean

Learning Team Skills Assessment - Week 2 Learning Team Assignment

May 8, 2008

Learning Team Skills Assessment and Matrix

All members of Team A submitted their skills, talents, and abilities for compilation. The resulting matrix exhibited an excellent collection of skills to be used in establishing a consulting company. A prospective consulting company would be able to use the analytical and organizational skills all of the members possess. In evaluating the various kinds of consulting organizations that might suit Team A, three possible opportunities were assessed.

The first and most likely consulting opportunity is in the area of business process reengineering. This industry requires real world experience in being able to evaluate existing processes in organizations, break the processes down into their components, and establish new processes that will bring efficiencies and cost savings to the organizations being served.

The skills matrix of Team A shows that there is a broad background of operational and logistical skills. In addition, Team A has broad experience in a variety of industries. Further, providing consulting services using the Lean methodology will provide a niche the team can fill for the industries in the business community.

The second possible consulting opportunity is outsource management. A consulting firm performing outsource management would need to advise companies in ways to outsource portions of their business operations to gain various business advantages such as cost savings or improvement in becoming more nimble in business operations. Team A members exhibit a broad background in analyzing existing work situations and providing...