Learning Team A Wellness Strategy CJA470: Managing Criminal Justice Personnel June 8, 2005

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Wellness is a goal to develop in our workplaces, communities and homes. Our team has experience, personal knowledge, and skills that have made us aware of our obstacles, and taught us how to deal with them through this wellness strategy questionnaire. Even before this wellness strategy our team understood the specifics about health and wellness because each of us has experienced stress and anxiety due to the busy life we each lead. Understanding that, we must ask ourselves what actions we should take to improve our well-being?

1. Learning Team A's major stressors had to do with job related issues more than anything else. Warren is worried about finding a job when he has completed his schoolwork and Shane's stress comes from issues that arise during the course of his normal workday. Linda stresses the completion of her training phase. Even though Michael's form of work is different, as a stay at home dad, his job is to complete all the duties a stay at home parent should do (as his wife and he has agreed upon).

This includes balancing the checkbook, which is a major cause of stress in his life.

2. There is really no way to sum up everyone's response to question number two except to say that each of us was aware of the problem, and knew a way in which they could address it. Warren has localized his search for a job within the criminal justice field. Shane knows that his department head needs to unfasten the reigns of power and assign other managers to certain areas of the department, instead of micromanaging everything. Linda eagerly awaits promotion to Deputy Sheriff in November. Michael accepts the fact that he is flaky with the checkbook and this is the cause of most of his problem,