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Human being is certainly the most complex creature in the world with the unlimited capacity of learning. Although we know that people who are more intelligent learn better than the others do but we will see among the people with somehow the same intelligence some of them learn faster and better. Why? There are some principles such as motivation, method and setting that lots of psychologists are agreed can directly affect the process of learning in human beings.

The first principle is motivation, which its dictionary meaning is strong reason for doing something. It has not any difference, motives can be general or specific but a motivate learner acquires what he learns more rapidly than one who is not motivated. The important note is that learning under intrinsic motivation is preferable to learning under extrinsic motivation. Teachers are agreed that motivated students are very pleasant because they are more careful, active and successful in the class.

On the other hand if motivation becomes too intense it may cause fear and anxiety which distracts in some cases.

Another important principle is the method of teaching which influences the process of learning for producing more achievement. Teachers may choose different methods but a good method is one that pay attention to several points. For examples meaningful materials are learned more readily than nonsense ones, transfer of new things will be better in learning and active participation by a learner is preferable to passive reception. In choosing a method of teaching it is very important to consider the capacity and age of the learners and select a method suits them best. In the most cases brighter and younger peoples learn difficult things better than the others do.

The third principle, setting, refers to the time and place of learning. Providing a...