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I would like to divide my learning in two parts. My personal learning's - they reflect the observations and experiences I made and went through during the development of this training program. The second half of my learning's speak more about the knowledge I gained about training and development programs, they not only include my learning's in the course of development of the training module but also the learning's gained during conducting and experiencing a T&D program during my internship span.


My personal learning's experienced in the formation of this training module were to do with how individuals come together, form a team and complete their goals to produce the best outcome. Few behaviors and experiences are as follows -

Engagement and participation - striking out a balance between me as an individual and me as a group member was not an easy task and was experienced by me from time to time, am I losing my individuality while working in group processes kept coming to mind.

Enthusiasm and positive attitude- It is a proven fact that enthusiastic people infect those around them, and that people with a positive attitude seem to charge the people they interact with (the converse holds for pessimists, who seem to tax one's energy). The group from time to time was seen as interacting much more with individuals who reflected the same, because the long-term success of a venture also depends heavily on how quickly it can adapt to and learn from setbacks.

Conformity- No functional unit can operate without a set of norms and procedures, and it is the conformity to these standards that makes the operations of the groups a smooth affair. There was a trait of adherence and respect for the norms, as well as...