Lease or buy article review "the eternal question"

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Article 3 review "Buy or lease: the eternal question"

Basically, this article is centered on the concept of CPA's helping everyday consumers with the decision of purchasing or leasing a car. I feel that the concept is a great idea especially coming from a business point of view. No longer will CPA's be just book keepers and tax preparers, they could also help with decision-making for the average consumer. A CPA could charge a customer a fee and help them understand why he/she should or shouldn't lease a car. Car companies will always benefit from a lease and in lots of cases the leese benefits also but, the dealers extra profits sometimes comes with deception. If a customer doesn't know the right questions to ask he/she could end up on the short end of a deceptive deal. A CPA could also assist you after the decision to lease or buy is made.

Think about it, you take your CPA with you to the dealership and the CPA goes over all of the forms and numbers for you and finds any deceptive rates or charges that shouldn't be there so that you can save some money.

The article also stated 13 leasing strategies to follow when considering a lease.

Strategy 1: Consider soft issues up front. CPA must know the consumers needs to help with the decision.

Strategy 2: Save some money by leasing. Leasing will never make sense if you drive he car for a long period of time. If the lease won't save you money, then buy the car.

Strategy 3: Lease cars that retain their value. When a car retains its value you end up paying less on the lease payments.

Strategy 4: Resist the allure of lower lease payments. Lease payments almost always lower than...