"Leather-Back Turtles"

Essay by acousticplywood November 2007

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I am writing this letter informing you, The Research and Exploration committee of the National Geographic Society, about the current issue concerning endangered animals. One current endangered animal is the leather-back turtle, the most ancient living reptile in our world today. I understand that with the use of technology, we can save these endangered animals and preserve the. With your help and support, we can protect and save these endangered animals such as the leather-back turtle from potential extinction and make a difference in the animal kingdom and our world.

As stated by Peter Tyson, a science writer, "Advanced technology allows the investigation of ecology and helps us discover things that were never discovered before...". As you can see, funding for technology will allow scientists to research and discover aspects of animals such as the leather-back turtle that will give us a sense of why their extinction is occurring.

Since 1980, the population of leather-back turtles have dropped two thirds. Dropping from 115,00 to 34,500 nesting fields. Things such as pollution and littering has greatly increased the population drop. As stated by Peter Tyson, "People build buildings and houses over their habitats". Researchers have discovered that the Playa Grande consists of the largest Leather-back turtle population.

An example of a current technological advance is the microchip identification tab. These microchips have been injected into these leather-back turtles. Technology can help us discover where leather-back turtles go and the necessities they need to survive. The internet has also been a major help to the issue. Web pages concerning this issue helps advertise and benefits the conservation of the species.

In conclusion, I am writing this letter with honest concern and I would gladly appreciate your help and support. I hope that what I'm writing to you will give...