Leave The Economy Be!

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Leave The Economy Be!

In times of economic depression, many people believe that the government should just leave the economy alone and do nothing but let it handle itself autonomously. This is what Theodore Roosevelt implemented at the beginning of the depression. Then he realized that it was not going to fix itself over time, so he had to take some kind of action. Other individuals feel that the government must step in and take some kind of immediate action to change the economic depression. When a country is in economic need, the government should not get involved because this may take away from the people's initiative.

The government in charge of a country in economic depression should leave the economy alone and let it fix itself. It is not the duty of the government to always step in and back up the people if things are not running well and poverty is high.

This really puts a government in a bad position as well. They need to help the people of the country, but at the same time, not take away from the people's initiative. Taking away from an individual's initiative can make them too dependent on the government, and will make the people in the economy lazy. This leads to people believing that they do not need to work, and can just get free handouts from the government. It leads to a rise in unemployment in the economy and this is never good for the country. This is why the government needs to let the economy work itself out independently. In drastic measures like The Great Depression, the government might want to step in and do something when things are really bad. I think that this should only be done in certain circumstances, and that...