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I believe the book Left Behind, written by Tim LaHayae and Jerry B. Perkins, closely relates to the Bible. I think that is related closely to the Rapture of the church that occurs when Jesus returns to earth to take all of the people that He believes to be His true followers. Throughout the book there are many passages from the Bible that are referred to about the Rapture of the church.

When you read the title of the book for the first time, you don't immediately think of the Bible. The title kind of alludes to the Bible. When you start to read the book and begin to understand why the people are being ?left behind,? you start to find that the title alludes right into the Bible. The people that are not the true followers of God are the ones that are ?left behind.?

The statement under the title ?A novel of the earths last day?s,? could lean towards the destruction of the earth, but by deeper analysis you realize that the Rapture of the church has to do with the end of the earth. The title does not allude to the Bible straight out, only by looking and reading deeper into the meaning of it; you can make a strong reference to the Bible.

I think that I found a strong spiritual message in the book in which it showed what the rewards are of following God and his people. It embellishes on the lives of the chosen ones that have lead their lives for God, and talks about the pain and agony of the non-followers had to suffer by being left behind. The part that hit me was where the people who thought that they would be chosen were actually left...