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Left-HandednessPeople have always had some taboos since the beginning of history, and if somebodythinks in a diferrent way from the others or does something different, he is considered to bedifferent from the majority and he will be criticized in a good or bad way. Sometimes, he caneven be punished because of his difference. Left-handers are considered to be different in theworld of right-handed people and they have always been looked down on by the right-handedpeople. The aim of this paper is to give brief information about left-handedness and thedifficulties of being a left-handed person in a right-handed world.

The word ''left'' has a bad reputation in all languages. Even in commonly respecteddictionaries, the meaning of the word ''left-handed'' is rather insulting, and left-handednesshas been considered to be a vice all over the world.

In The New International Webster's Comprehensive Dictionary of the EnglishLanguage, the Meanings of the adjective ''left-handed'' are given as :a : having the left hand or arm stronger or more dexterous than the right; b :done with the left hand; turning or moving from the right to left or oppositelyto the motion of the hand of a clock; c : adapted for use by the left hand, as atool; d : clumsy; awkward; e : without sincerity, indirect; f : morganatic; fromthe giving to the bride of the left hand instead of the right by the bridgegroomin a morganatic marriage.

(727)In Roger's Super Thesaurus the synonyms for ''left-handed'' are given as :''insincere, dubious, backhanded, ambiguous, questionable, ironic, veiled, sardonic,mocking'' (McCutcheon 296).

The translations of the word ''left'' and ''left-handed'' from other languages havenegative meanings. Stanley Coren, in his book Left Hander : Everything You Need to KnowAbout Left-Handedness, mentions that the word ''left'' is of Anglo-Saxon origin and it comesfrom ''lyft'' which means ''weak,'' ''broken'' (1).