The Legacy Of FDR

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The Enduring Legacy of FDR Franklin D. Roosevelt was a president who significantly altered the course of United States History and the World in an astounding four terms in office. During times of crisis such as restructuring the United States economy after the Great Depression and World War II, his ideas and changes in economic policy and social services created a path out of the depression. His acts during wartime created new technology, better regulations for workers, and the U.N., an institution for unity among much of the world.

FDR's pre-war economic changes set the United States in motion for an economic recovery. In 1933 he took America off of the gold standard and started the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, a way to guarantee that the money of citizens would be protected. He also created the Federal Reserve System. During the war FDR created various offices to manage resources such as the Agricultural Adjustment Administration to support farm prices.

Other agencies assisted business and labor, regulated the stock market, subsidized home and farm mortgage payments, and aided the unemployed. Roosevelt also initiated Social Security for the elderly, minimum wage, and higher taxes for the wealthy. To create jobs Roosevelt formed the Civilian Conservation Corps, which employed 2.5 million young Americans in constructing bridges, protecting resources and restoring the country to it's pre-depression beauty. He made many overdue changes to modernize the government and managed to raise the Gross National Product from fifty-six billion in 1933, to sixty-five billion in 1934, to seventy-two billion in 1935, but the unemployment rate was still appallingly low. The United States was now on a path towards economic growth, but it would take a war to make the economy rise out of recession.

At the start of WWII, the Unites States took a position of...