The Legacy of William Carey

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"The Legacy of William Carey" written by Vishal and Ruth Mangalwadi talks about William Carey's contribution in modernizing India with God's vision. The authors divided the book into 5 chapters and illustrate William Carey's characteristic, difficulty, contribution and faith in God.

In the first chapter, the authors introduce William Carey's career and titles. He is described as a Christian missionary, botanist, industrialist, economist, media pioneer, agriculturist, translator, educator, astronomer, library pioneer, forest conservationist, crusader, public servant, moral reformer, and cultural transformer. It is incredible for a man to receive so many titles. He did so much for India because he has strong faith in God. With biblical view to see the world, everything can be saved and declare its worth of living. "Carey believed that nature is declared 'good' by its Creator; it is not maya (illusion)." (Mangalwadi, 17) During the old days, India was worshipping idols and it resulted in lost human lives and brought out further problems.

"Carey believed that God's image was in man, not in idols."(Mangalwadi, 25) Instead of fearing to the great power of nature, he passed on the idea of understanding and learning how to control over it. I felt that Carey is very humble. He does not proud with what he had. It is rare and commendable during the old days when the time colonization was popular. He contributed himself as God's servant to assist poor and help them having better life. I admire everything he had done to India.

Next chapter accounts for Carey's important achievement in improving women's position of life in India. When I was reading this chapter, I felt pity for women living in India in the past. They had to bare so much unfairness, and it all resulted from the culture, religious believe and lack of understanding to...