The legal drinking age in the united states is too high and that statistics show that it creates more problems than hinder accidents.

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The Minimum Drinking age

A little while ago, I think it was on a Saturday, me and my cousin and some friends met up, after it had been a while since we had seen each other, to go have a fun evening.

We wanted to go eat, hand out a little, go dance and just enjoy the evening.

Some point in the afternoon we went to a restaurant named Fridays and had dinner.

After we had some steak and were ready for dessert, we were approached by the staff and were asked to leave the restaurant. "Why should we leave before I am finished eating desert?" I thought. Came out that, because the Fridays restaurant serves cocktail drinks after 8 pm and has a bar atmosphere, no one under the age of 21 is allowed inside the facility. I got kicked out of a steak house at only 8pm. because I'm not 21, and they serve drinks.

The fact that I have a legal license to mix drinks and bartender did not ease me or render my frustration to wear off.

After not being let in into a dance club I finally gave up on the night and went home, having had a very bad night full of frustrating moments.

Here I was standing, 19 years old, legally considered an adult, and not being able to stay in a steak house, or get into a club with my friends who were 21 or older.

This fact made me feel bad that night and caused me to see my friends less, and not be able to interact with them in a normal activity that we wanted to.

After the Prohibition in 1933,nearly all states restricting youth access to alcohol, and designated 21 as the minimum legal drinking age. Between the years...