Legal/Ethical/Security Paper

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Legal/Ethical/Security Paper

As computers advance, society is coming together steadily through the rising use of the Internet. We interact with one another every day by using the Internet as a tool of communication. Through the evolution of the global electronic era, certain ethical, security, and productivity questions arise. As electronic communication becomes essential in the daily interactions of many people, regulatory issues also become crucial. How do we determine what is right from wrong, and what is good or bad when it comes to these issues?


Security Issues:

Internet security is a valid concern and if it is not correctly implemented and incorporated into everyday practice, will become a problem. Protecting businesses digitally has now become as important as protecting them physically. A companies' security strategy for e-commerce must be a corporate wide strategy for all Internet and computer use. A security hole at any level could compromise the highest degree of security at another level.

Two of the most widely accepted and used methods of security are the use of firewalls and encryption. A firewall is nothing more than a combination of hardware and software that insulates your company's computers from outside intrusion, while still allowing the user to access the Internet freely. A firewall should be installed and is necessary for companies that use network systems, as well as individual or home personal computers that want to have a strong first line of defense. Firewalls work most of the time, but are not fool proof. The most common problem with firewalls is that they can become miss-configured, or their configurations can change from one day to the next.

Ethical Issues:

Many people you know may have experienced the results of unethical behavior when dealing with the Internet. There are issues of people stealing copyrights, intercepting private...