Legal Issues of a Non-Profit Organization - The Red Cross

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1. Explain the Applications of Agency Law in the Business Environment......5

A. Rules and Regulations 5

B. Tax Exemption 5

C. State Statutes 6

2. Distinguish Among the Types of Business Entities 6

A. Fund Raising 7

B. Donations 7

C. Sales 7

3. Illustrate the Impact of E-business on the Global Legal Environment as it pertains to the Various Types of Business Entities 7

A. Fund Raising 7

a. Online fundraising 7

b. E-mail solicitation 8

c. Associate Websites 8

B. Donations 8

a. Donate Stock 8

b. Donate In-Kind Products 8

c. Donate Spare Change 9

d. Donate Airline Miles 9

e. Give Blood 10

f. Donate Medical Equipment and Supplies 10

g. Donate Volunteer 10

C. Organ and Tissue Donation 10

D. Donate Volunteer 10

4. Sales 11

A. Internet. 11

B. Auctions.. 11

Conclusion 11

Red Cross - A Non-Profit Organization


Non-profit, or not for profit organizations exist primarily to help and assist those in need by providing charity or education.

They have a mission to help the "greater good" of society. Corporations, individual enterprises, and foundations are all examples of non-profit organizations forms. These organizations can consist of churches, clinics, public schools, and public charities. The board does not benefit financially from the corporation. The board is made up of a group of individuals called trustees that manage and invest the assets of the corporation. also states that "trustees are legally obligated to make all trust related decisions."(2006) Non-Profit organizations do not make a profit and the corporations are usually run using government funds as well as donations. All profit that is generated is put back into the organization. Red Cross is the national's number one emergency response organization. It was founded in 1881 and it's areas of service...