Legal Issues in Reduction of Workforce Paper

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FastServ Inc. is a company in organizational development, consisting of 350 employees involved in direct selling brand in "sportswear." The company has developed two websites that allow you to increase in assets. Given the fact that the online industry was not successful, FastServ Inc. decides to reduce its empleomanía. At the time of receiving notification of staff and redesign shorten the descriptions of jobs, several specific areas were revised in order to make a decision that provides the best outcome for the company. These areas include job performance, productivity, expected special responsibility to work, academic training, absenteeism and so on.

The length of service, an employee at the organization, should play an important role in decision-making for a reduction in the workforce. However, this term should be considered together with the skill level of the employee. An employee should not retain his job simply because he has been with the organization for several years.

In many organizations, employees who have served longer are the best assets of the companies. This is because you know how to do his job against a "new hire" that requires a lot of time in training. There will be times that a "new hire" may have more education and experience that employees who have been with the organization. This must also be taken into consideration.

Some employees who have been with the organization for a long time may be looking for retirement or a benefit plan that supports their withdrawal These employees, in many cases, may be affected because their role could, at any time, do not have value for the organization . This is a result of that, often, the employee may not be able to match any of the other positions in the organization.

Carl Haim, is an employee whose performance is above...