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John Hollyoak is an employee of Davidson International Consulting. John presently works as a project manager in the technical consulting division of the company. John has complained numerous times to his direct manager and to the human resources department regarding being overlooked for promotion numerous times over many years. He believes that he has been overlooked for promotion to younger less qualified employees. He has seen young engineers straight from college start in the department which he works; start at the bottom and work their way to the top and into higher paying jobs in other parts of the company.

The environment at Davidson International is much the same as many other consulting agencies. Employees are bred from the start to be leaders. There is a leadership path in place for ambitious employees to strive for. Many of his younger colleagues work many late nights, even if they are not being productive.

John is looked down upon among his peers because he leaves on time most nights to be home with his family. John has stated that many of the younger people in his department stay late and play video games using the company's computer network, yet they receive praise from upper management for their dedication and for staying late.

This has caused John to question his abilities and has seriously affected his self esteem. After almost fifteen years of being past over, and seeing the members of his department change from year to year he came to the conclusion that it was not his performance which was hindering his career it was his age. John had started working for Davidson Consulting at the age of 41, and most of the people that he works with are in their early twenties. John had made the mistake of thinking that when...