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The future of E-Business is going to be broad and vast, unfortunately we can't forecast the future just predict its possible outcomes. There may be things like Federal Commissions that oversee the laws that can protect its users. The future of home based employees utilizing their homes as their corporate offices. With the technology as affective as it is with net meetings, networks, workgroups and other corporate databases that make an employee just as efficient in their own home as in their office 30 miles away.

Internet Trade Commission

The entire world depends and strives on some independent fruit of E-Business today. The success or failure of E-Business companies thrives in the technology market and there are new legal and ethical issues that derive everyday. One major aspect of E-Business that I can see changing or developing in the next five years is an E-Business or E-Commerce Commission being created.

This commission would consist of highly trained and previous E-Business professionals that can serve to help others in positions of help, direction and need. This commission of professionals could develop internet laws to help prevent against consumer and seller fraud. They could open the gates of trade and develop similar marketing techniques that cross country boundaries and are universal. This could consist of making a worldwide payment system similar to PayPal, acceptable in all countries to facilitate foreign E-Business trade.

These commissions would have full regulatory control over the internet and inherently making laws for the internet like the rest of the world. If the internet is not put under a certain set of standards and expected to maintain a minimal level of ethical standards it will be overran by greed and crime. This is already a serious issue, but I think a special agency tasked only with the...