Legalisation of marijuana

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For centuries it has been used to relax, to help people eat better, and sometimes, to just make people feel good. Although this may not be the noblest of reasons, is it is a fact that we as independent minded citizens have an inherent right to decide for ourselves whether or not to use marijuana. Even alcohol, which has been found in all but the most antiquated forms of language, is meant to help people relax. For a short while this was debated and during prohibition crime flourished, but eventually it was realized that it would be foolish to ban a substance merely on the grounds that it "caused evil in others". What has the prohibition of marijuana done for its popularity and distribution, and what has it done for our economy? I propose that marijuana be legalized in that it would give the citizens of America back a right that many other countries provide while also helping to boost the economy.

Many people slander and downplay the positive effects of marijuana, using arguments such as "it destroys families and destroys lives" and "it is a dangerous substance that causes immorality in those who use it" to justify the pilfering of our right. What the arguments lack however is solid empirical data, which when given the slim chance analysation confirms that marijuana is not as dangerous as alcohol. "For the sake of our own credibility we cannot allow that alcohol and tobacco, which kill 10 000 people a year in Switzerland, are sold with all kinds of marketing wizardry, while consumption of cannabis, a less dangerous product, is a legal offence", said the Swiss Institute for Prevention of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse" (Kapp, 970)We always hear the sob stories of our corrupt society narrating on how marijuana suddenly came in...