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In July of last year the debate on whether cannabis should be legalised was rekindled by the Home Secretary, David Blunkett. He announced the reclassification of cannabis from a class B drug to a class C which is the lowest classification for an illegal drug and puts it on par with anti-depressants and steroids (24/01/ More recently in an interview Frontbencher Jenny Tonge {Lib Dem}said in an interview with BBC News that she had sympathy with the view that cocaine should be available over the counter like alcohol. In a frank admission She said the UK's drugs policy was "not working and needed a radical overhaul". Going onto say she argued that " cocaine is a difficult one, but I would agree with a lot of people that you would do less damage if cocaine was actually legalised and sold at registered outlets like alcohol than leaving it to the boys on the streets I am not claiming to have the answers, but I am saying that present drugs policy is not working.

The way cannabis is treated is a joke, a complete joke. That should be used like tobacco, taxed like tobacco [and] let's spend the VAT on something." ( 22/04/ she did go onto later admit there would still be a market for a black market Rightly or wrongly she believes that if drugs if more were legalised there would be no excuses for an addict having to commit crimes to feed their habit. Here intrinsically is the debate set within the question should all drugs be legalised ? More so when we say drugs to be legalised it is the belief and argument of this paper in what we are really discussing here is should the...