Legalism in china.

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The chaotic era more known today as the Warring States period was a period of great depression. People lived in anarchy, massacring everything on their passage. Seven different powers where in search of the ultimate power only possible by conquering the other lands. This conquering only caused blood thirsty assasins that followed no laws or proper decorum. During the warring states period arose Legalism which was a philosophy that imposed law above all, legimacy of rule, and the two handle system.

This period pushed people to act as they wished without any superior force above them. This might of suprised some but it was not a ruler they needed but laws. This law reigned above all even the ruler himself. The Law was to be clearly set out by any ruler so that the people could know what they would be punished for." Qin succeeded in establishing a well-defined legal system, it could easily make laws to foster military adventure and build grand public projects so uch as the Great Wall" This proves that the law had a positive and strong effect on that period of time.

This is what made the Qin dynasty such a grande empire. In addition to that all the people of the nation were under one law that made everyone equal and if disobeyed all would receive the same chatisement. Laws set order and a certain lifestyle for people of the nation to follow and for the nation to prosper.

The second point is the legimacy of rule was way simplier than the other philosophy's. Legalism knew that at that time it was impossible to find a virtuos ruler, therfore they decided to create a system that could stand successfully alone. This system supported by laws, ministers and the ruler made it possible for an...