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The question of legality to control one's behavior is probably as old as the science of philosophy, which even predates psychology. The Sophists, with their "advanced intellect" came to dominate the early Athenians. As proof, Gorgias, one of the first Sophists, with his expert use of persuasion, "developed the technique of deception, making use of psychology and the powers of suggestion". (Page 34)

In more modern times, and specifically in the United States, the OSS (Office of Strategic Services), precursor to the CIA, developed and perfected the "truth drug" or "truth serum". In 1955, under operation code name "Midnight Climax," the CIA administered LSD to US citizen subjects unknowingly. This experiment was sanctioned under the M.K.-Ultra Project approved by the then DCI, Richard Helms.

Today, it's being hypothesized that mind control is being widely used at the Vacaville Prison. Vacaville is known to house some of the violent, vilified criminals of our society.

Also today, various forms of drug therapy are being freely administered to our young, vulnerable children, especially to children residents of state institutions to control "their violent or potential for violence" behaviors.

Are these legal? Apparently so; but, should it be declared illegal acts? As outside observers, we should be outraged that these acts are being committed. However, we should also be open to the positive aspects gained from these so called acts.

On a more personal level, while growing up, I lived with an aunt who had a mild to moderate form of mental dementia. During severe episodes (of these attacks) she'd display violent and destructive, sometimes, life-threatening, behavior. During less severe episodes, she displayed periods of sleepiness, irritability and paranoia. While at this young age, I remember my grandmother and uncle discussing the "shock" treatment my aunt received during the violent episodes. (That...