The Legalization of Cloning

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Thesis statment: Cloning should be allowed to be researcher further and not to be banned simply because society does not understand it. Besides should we not think about the positive out weighing the risks? Cloning allows couples another alternative to conception.

· Cloning gives couples who cannot reproduce a change to have children who are biologically related to them.

· This reproduction through cloning is close enough to other common reproduction and genetic- section 9 Invitro Fertilization) practices and should be given as an option · Homosexuality is a fast accepted way of life.

· These people have rights and therefore should be allowing as a couple to reproduce.

· Cloning gives them this option.

Paragraph 2 Cloning improve treatment for life threaten -illness.

· Through this advancement in technology millions of lives can be save.

· Persons organs transplant will not be rejected · Because the organ will be a perfect match from ones own cells · Anti- rejection drugs to keep the foreign organ alive and working will be obsolete.

Paragraph 3 Through cloning, mankind can cure and prevent some of today's most common and deadliest diseases · Cloning allows advance study into the field of genetic disease which some day will result into the cure of say cancer if legalized.

· Tay - sachs could be prevented by using cloning technology to ensure the sex of a baby in sex related diseases ( The Benefits Of Human Cloning 1 ) · Leukemia patients would no longer experience the agonizing wait for bone marrow transplant.

Conclusion: Religious leaders argue for pro life, They argue that there are emotional risks and heath risks to cloning, but are there not emotional risk to the parent of the child who was born with leukemia or any other deformities, to the wife or the family, more so to the individual who has been waiting for years to get a liver match. And what about the thousand who die each year from automobile accidents and from simply eating a chicken bone, are there any health risk in performing these actions.