Legalization of Drugs Can Benifit Everyone - Supproting legalized drug use.

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Legalization of Drugs Can Benefit Everyone

Illegal drugs are a popular and convenient scapegoat for the failures of today's society. Historically they have been associated with crime, poverty, disease, and death. These are tough issues for a politician to take a stand on. When there is no one else to point a finger at, drugs fill the need for blame.

Those who oppose the legalization of drugs tend to focus on the mal effects of drug addiction. Drugs laced with deadly chemicals kill people everyday. Often times people will commit horrible crimes to acquire drugs. Drugs have always been a foundation for organized crime. Despite all of the bad press drugs have gotten over the years, I believe that they can still serve a positive role in the world.

Drugs could be regulated better if they were legalized. The common street dealer doesn't care if his products contain deadly chemicals.

With government intervention, drugs could be inspected for quality. Also the intake of drugs could be tracked better. If a person develops an unhealthy addiction it would be easier to get him/her proper treatment. Rehabilitation makes more sense than prison time.

Improved regulation would lead to less crime associated with drugs. Purchasing drugs from your local pharmacy or supermarket would be more appealing than going to a street dealer. Sales could be taxed creating more revenue for state and federal programs. Less money in the hands of criminals could possibly curve crime linked with the illegal drug trade. Drugs have taken the place that alcohol served during prohibition for organized crime. Taking drugs out of the hands of criminals is a problem that can't be ignored.

Less crime would surely lead to a higher quality of life. Drugs can serve a positive role in society. When used properly they provide...