Legalization of File Sharing

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Many computer programs remain available to the public, which allow people from all around the world share music. Currently, the process of sharing free files from user to user is considered illegal and the government recently decided to crack down on the users of these programs such as Kazaa, Lime Wire, and Bear Share. ( Although illegal, people still chose to download and share files because of the many positive factors, which exist. Sharing music files should be legalized because it allows people to listen to music without paying any charges, allows new artists to be released and heard by the public, and provides people the ability to easily preview music from artists before buying the CD.

File sharing programs allow people to download and listen to music without paying any charges. Because of the easiness of using these programs, people can download almost any song from thousands of artists around the world.

After a person downloads the songs of their choice, they can easily play the audio file from their computer. This allows people to listen to music from basically any computer with connection to the Internet. The ability to download music for example, allows college students who do not have enough spending money to buy a CD, to listen to music from their favorite artists straight from their computer. People who use file sharing programs can save money by burning the audio files from their computer onto a CD. The burnt CD produces basically the same sound quality of the retail CD sold at stores. As you can see, file sharing allows people to download almost any music without the hassle of paying any money.

Downloading and sharing music allows people to preview songs of new artists who recently released songs...