The Legalization of Marijuana

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Sometimes it can be tough to be open minded, especially when opinions have already been cemented in the ground. But one thing that people need to be more open about is the legalization of marijuana. It is something that people have wanted for years, and with good reason. Marijuana is far less dangerous than the majority of the public realize. In fact, it has killed zero people and is less addictive than that coffee millions of people need every morning. Alcohol and tobacco, both legal drugs, have taken the lives of millions since the turn of the century and are among the most addictive drugs. How can someone justify marijuana being illegal when it is so harmless in comparison. People from all backgrounds and income brackets smoke marijuana. So do a lot of extremely successful people, including New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. Who in response to being asked if he ever smoked marijuana, replied "You bet I did.

And I enjoyed it." And in addition to Michael Bloomberg, shown by the chart, an astonishing 42% of adults have tried marijuana in the United States, more than any other country in the world. Marijuana is far less dangerous than people believe and should be legalized within the next ten years.

Alcohol was illegal in the United States for thirteen years. During that time alcohol was produced in bath tubs and kitchen sinks alike. Showing that nothing can stop people from getting what they want. This made alcohol in those days even more dangerous than it was already. Coffee was also illegal when it was first introduced in the western hemisphere. With penalties for its use as high as death. (Lowry) Of course both of these drugs are now legal and widely used in the United States by a...