Legalization Of Marijuana

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Almost every minute someone in the country is arrested for smoking marijuana. After being arrested at least two officers are off the street and taking someone to an over crowded jail cell. The next morning if the judicial system is not delayed the pot smoker will be arraigned and set up a later court day later on in the decade. The courts are backed up and the jails are over populated. Not with child molesters or murders, who got out on bail because the judge didn't want to send them to jail because there is no room but with marijuana smokers.

I am not saying that marijuana is good and to give them to children of all ages. Marijuana does have it's down size. Marijuana will cause you to have a short term memory loss. For instance a person may forget their aunt Claudes zip code in Florida. Marijuana and beer have the same level of memory.

Pot has no long term affects on the brain.

A long term effect on your health however is over weightiness. Marijuana will increase your desire to eat. So if planning on going on a diet maybe one should think twice before deciding if marijuana is a substance to try. It has a tendency to add on to the pounds instead of taking pounds off.

Marijuana removes a person inhibitions, a sexual stimulant. A person is more likely to say yes to sex without protection well being stone. In some cases people have tried to get someone high just to increase their chance of having sexual intercourse.

Besides removing a persons inhibitions when high and driving someone is more likely to cut off someone run a red light and lose control of the vehicle.

All the risk related to marijuana are the same...