Legalization of Marijuana For Medical Use

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Legalization of Marijuana For Medical UseAs with many issues, the legalization of marijuana for medical use is very complex. Thelegalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes has become an increasingly controversial topic; this issuecauses tension between sates and the federal government. For example, support has been growing frommany legislators in states like California and Arizona to keep marijuana illegal to the public but legal formedical use. However, the federal government is trying to prosecute patients who smoke pot. Resentarticles on show the growing tension between the state and the government.

The article is about two women that taken the issue regarding medical marijuana to the SupremeCourt to protect their access to the drug after federal agents confiscated their plants. The issue at hand isthe power of federal agents to go after sick people that use homegrown marijuana with their doctors andStates permission. 11 states have passed laws regarding the use of marijuana for medical reasons.

Also theSan Francisco based 9th has ruled that it is unconstitutional for federal prosecutors to press charges againstmedical marijuana users as long as it is not sold. Therefore, there for according to California law thewomen have not broken any laws.

The women's attorney told the justices that his clients are law-abiding citizens who need medicalmarijuana to survive. One of the women has a brain tumor she says that she has tried dozens of medicationsbefore turning to marijuana to ease her pain. The women's attorney maintains that marijuana may havesome negative side affects however his clients are seriously sick people that are willing to take the risks.

The article never addresses the health issues of the other woman involved in the lawsuit and why she needsmedical marijuana. The women are hoping that because one of the judges is currently undergoingtreatment for thyroid cancer he will be...