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Legalize It Many people believe it's a crime, but in my opinion, to take a toke here and there doesn't hurt anybody. As long as he/she is not driving anywhere. It's just like drinking a margarita in the evening to calm and relax a person after a hard day of work. I can see having a problem if man has altered a plant's chemical makeup to make it a drug, such as alcohol and cocaine. The marijuana plant can be smoked or eaten without doing anything to it except drying it. So why is alcohol legal and marijuana illegal? The government couldn't do anything to stop the use of alcohol during the Prohibition years and they still can't stop the use of marijuana and other illicit drugs today. The regular person who wants to do a drug can still walk down the street and get it. After they finally made alcohol legal again, they learned that people wouldn't obey the laws aganist drinking and driving.

Alcohol is still used legally to this day, and causes more vehicle related deaths every year. A major reason for this is because the motor skills are impaired while under the influence of an alcoholic beverage. Pot, however, doesn't impair users to the point where heshe is oblivious to what's going on around. I believe that if it was the other way around and pot was legal and alcohol not, there would be a drastic decrease in the amount of severe wrecks in our nation.

One in __ people have tried pot by the time they have reached the age of eighteen. However, not everyone enjoys the effects of marijuana. Because of the fact that it can make the user hungry and tired. Those who don't find it pleasurable quit using it, while those who do, smoke it on occasion and some ritually everyday. Sadly many people, young and old, are critically injured and/or killed because of a drunk person's stupid decision to drive. Yet only _______ wrecks a year are related to the use of marijuana.

Even though over the years the government has had a few occasions where it really had to look at Marijuana as a suppressant for some illnesses, in truth it has ignored the overall outcry of the pot-smoking Americans. Even if it's only made legal for medical reasons or the use of hemp for paper products and rope, it would still be a large step for Americans. If it does have some positive effects, then Americans need to explore those benefits and find a way to use them positively. Shying away because the government says it is bad won't help. The truth is that the government has so much money invested in a useless drug program, that it has found itself in a winless battle and needs to give up before more money is wasted. The drug program isn't succeding so we must approach the problem of real drugs more seriously and not condemn plants of the earth for there god-given powers. People need to stand up for what they believe in and get these laws changed so we can explore the positive effects that can come out of this plant. Maybe we will find that it can be a good thing for everyone.

Does alcohol have any medical uses? I don't think so.

What gives the government the right to say that using a natural plant of the earth is illegal?