Legalizing Marijuana

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Legalizing Marijuana Many different answers and arguments come up about legalizing marijuana. We found a lot of different opinions and articles regarding our survey issue. We found out that there were a lot of negative issues why marijuana should not be legalized. We found in the articles that by legalizing marijuana more people will use the drug and become addicted (USASK. pg.1). Another reason stated that marijuana should not legalize because of the health risks that accompany its use (USASK pg. 2). By not legalizing the sale and use of marijuana it will be tougher to purchase the drug. And it will decrease the frequency of its use and the higher of addiction (USASK pg. 2). A decrease means fewer health risks, slow brain functions and the risk of cancer. A lot of things could happen with people associated with the use of marijuana like second hand smoke or being injured in a car accident where the driver was under the influence of marijuana (USASK pg.


On the other hand people stated that marijuana should be legalized for those individuals who require it for medicinal purposes and with a physician's consent. On the positive side of this it insures that people who use the drug for medical purposes, such as pain control have access to it (USASK. pg. 2). It also limits the legal sale of the drug to those who are using it for medicinal purposes, rather than personal use. It also as a prescription drug serves as a source of income for the government. The negative side of this means that doctors may become part of the black market by handing out prescriptions to those who want it rather than those who need it(USASK pg. 1). The negative side of this also means that the use of...