The Legend of Samuel Bellamy

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I'm an assistant teacher for children ages 4 through 6, and this was a small semi-history lesson for them. It has been written with a slight dramatic flair, so it may sound a little like a creative writing piece, but I assure you, it's mostly historically accurate. There isn't a lot of information on this particular wreck.

Samuel Bellamy was one of the most famous pirates that ever sailed the seven seas. Although perhaps not as well known as Captain Kidd or Blackbeard; nevertheless, he was notorious for his persistence in chasing down his prey and capturing those who refused to surrender when they saw the colors he sailed under. But when Captain Bellamy first took to the seas, it was not as a pirate, but a treasure hunter.

In January of 1716, he left Canterbury, England, acquired a ship and crew, and set sail for North America. After stopping at several ports to ensure they had the proper amount of supplies for their long voyage, they began their long trek across the Atlantic Ocean. Their destination: A sunken treasure wreck off the coast of Florida.

When they arrived at their destination, they resupplied, and anchored the ship in the shallow waters where the wreck was recorded to be. But with none of the technology that we have access to today, such as SONAR, satellite tracking, and SCUBA gear, it was nearly impossible to find what they sought for. They had no luck finding sunken treasure of any kind. Not wanting to return home without treasure, they decided to get it the old fashioned way: Chasing down treasure galleons and plundering their hold. This was Samuel Bellamy's first introduction into the world of piracy.

In February of 1717, Bellamy sighted the treasure ship, Whidah Galley. After an exhausting...